If you're more of a slow-tourism enthusiast, you'll want to take your time by walking, cycling orsailing to the rhythm of the Loire... and why not stop off at one of the champignonnières, caves orother wine-tasting venues to discover the local gastronomy...

No problem... here are a few ideas for activities that might suit you.

Walking tours

Two short walks are available in Bracieux, and there are many other circuits, notably in the Russy forest.

In autumn, when the stags are bellowing, you'll experience an even more exceptional hike!


The Ma Rando mobile application offers a wide range of hiking trails all over France, and helps youfind your way around.


The region is ideal for cycling, with its many cycle paths.Starting from the HĂ´tel du Cygne, where we offer a bike rental service, there are 3 circuits to choose from:
"Ombres et lumières" (19 km)
"In the land of Raboliot" (29km)
"Château de Chambord et Saint-Dye-sur-Loire" (27km).

Canoeing on the Loire

There's nothing quite like discovering the magnificent landscapes of the Loire, as it flows by...
Rent a canoe or kayak just a few kilometers from Bracieux.
For a half-day or a full daysail on the Loire and enjoy its unique views.

Local gastronomy

Our region is renowned for its gastronomy and quality wines.
Visit our winegrower friends and cross the thres hold of their cellars, as many vineyards are open for visits and tastings.

The House of Ponds

A museum located in Saint-Viâtre, about 20 minutes' drive from Bracieux, where you can discover the history and importance of ponds in the region.

The Deer House in Villeny

Share the life of the deer through an educational trail and discover all the facets of thisextraordinary animal.

Domaine du Croc du Merle

Handed down from father to son since 1794, the Domaine du Croc du Merle is divided between a dairy farm and a vineyard.

Situated between the Sologne and Loire regions, the estate offers a refreshing, gourmet break on the route to the Loire Châteaux, just 3 km from the Chambord estate.

In June, July and August, join one of the guided tours (no booking required).

Discover the dairy farm, observe the traditional milking parlour, stroke the calves and learn more about wine-making.

Each tour ends with a tasting of wine, cheese and blackcurrant jelly.